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3D Printed Map Profile on Base – a 3D elevation map profile of your route mounted on a printed base in the shape of the area the activity took place in.  Available in a range of colours and it can also be framed.

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You have not yet created a 3D model Create Now


Our map addition – a map profile 3D print overlayed on a 3D printed base in the shape the of the country or area the activity took place.  These typically measure around 200mm at their longest point and ~40mm high at their peak but this is dependent on the shape of the route so we can’t guarantee these dimensions.  The height of the model will also depend on the elevation profile of the GPS data.  Additionally, if the model is framed, the overall height will not to exceed ~24mm (due to the depth of the frame).

The Map Profile is scaled to fit onto the base which can be in the shape of a county, island, country, multiple counties or countries etc.

We can also engrave/emboss lettering onto the base.  This could say for example a combination of your name, the name of the route, the date or year of the event etc.

Please note: We aim to print and despatch your orders as quickly as possible but it may take up to 2 weeks for your print to be delivered (international orders may take longer), and in exceptional circumstances it could take up to 4 weeks for your print to arrive.



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