Cycling is a favorite mode of exercise for many fitness enthusiasts. But for various reasons, bike crimes are up across the country. If you or your children have bikes, you don’t want to risk them being stolen. But what can you do? Here are ways to prevent your possessions from being taken by would-be criminals:


Home Security System

One of the best things you can do to protect your bikes or any possessions for that matter, is getting a home security system installed. In the old days, they didn’t use to do as much as they do today.

Today’s security systems have automatic sensors that detect movement, even in the dark. According to, some systems can see infrared lighting, so that once you arm the system, it will go off when a person’s body heat is detected. Not only does this signal an audio alert, but it will also even call you or send an alert to your phone.

This serves the purpose of scaring off the thieves and also putting you in control with live information. You can even have your line monitored and had the police called for extra protection. Modern video surveillance systems detect motion in your home and send a notification to your phone, keeping you updated throughout the day. So you can have total peace of mind that your loved ones and possessions are secure.


Lock It Up Inside

It can be tempting to let you leave their bikes outside. While this is the easier route, it simply isn’t like it used to be. Since bike theft is an increasing issue, you need to be smart about where you store expensive items. Keep it inside, or risk it disappearing.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

One of the best ways to protect your bike is to know your neighbors. If they get to know you, they will recognise who should be coming and going from your flat. They can alert you if they see suspicious activity. This is why building rapport with them is so crucial. Not only will they know who lives in your house they will feel more obligated to stay informed of what is happening.


Crime rates for theft are high enough to warrant having a way to protect your bike and your family. So don’t risk break-ins or theft anymore. Use the methods above and have total peace of mind that your possessions and loved ones are protected.


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